B2B marketing – why is three the magic number?

There’s a lot more to B2B than initially meets the eye

When your target audience is another business, rather than consumers, there’s a completely different dynamic going on.

It’s a more complex proposition because the purchasing journey is so different.

Thinking of this type of marketing as business to business, or B2B as it’s often shortened to, doesn’t fully explain what’s happening in this type of customer relationship.

B2B marketing is only half the story

start with what you know crowdfunding for business york

This is where the magic of number three comes into the mix. If your clients are other businesses you have to consider two main things.

Firstly, there’s your proposition and how you’ll add value. Secondly, it’s about knowing your client and meeting their needs.

But there’s a third ingredient in the mix too. It’s arguably the most important and often overlooked.

It’s the end customer.

The full B2B marketing story then becomes B2B2? because ultimately you have to meet the needs of the end customer to meet the needs of your B2B client.

If you can understand the ? in the equation, then you can really develop your B2B relationship with your client.

Three things you can do

start with what you know crowdfunding for business york

Another reason why three is the magic number when it comes to B2B marketing is that there are three things you can do to understand the end customer.

1. Demographics – start with what you know

Take a good look at your client’s customer base. Consider age, gender, background and anything else which is relevant.

Demographics are great for starting off the process of getting to know the end customer. That said, they do come with a health warning.

If you use just demographics, you risk putting customers in neat little stereotypical boxes and never truly learning anything about them.

And so, that’s why the next two steps are so important if you’re going to effectively reach the end customer.

2. Love – ask what motivates

What is it that your client’s customers really love about what they’re doing? Think in terms of what’s pulling and pushing customers in. A good example of this is craft beer.

When we helped craft brewery, Brew York, with their rewards-based crowdfunding campaign, we discovered it was their weird and wonderful beers which were pulling their customers in.

In addition to this, it was the fact that their customers were also sick of the bland, boring beer which had been about for years.

This led us to the idea of starting a craft beer revolution. We had to do a bit of digging to get there and step three provides more info on this.

But essentially, our idea was all about calling on craft beer lovers to say ‘no’ to bland, boring beer and ‘yes’ to weird and wonderful brews such as chocolate infused stout and mango milkshake pale ale.

And the result? We helped the guys at Brew York raise over £56k in 21 days so they could open York’s biggest craft beer venue. You can find out more about how we started the Brew York Revolution.

3. Insight – keep digging deeper

Here you’re looking for a little gem of wisdom that can be the main focus of your marketing activity.

You know who the end customers are and what it is they love. The next step is to pull these things together and find a piece of insight which really brings everything to life and will form the basis of your marketing messages.

This is what we did when we launched The Escapologist escape rooms at Xscape Yorkshire. This ultimate entertainment destination has a footfall of over 4 million people per year.

We discovered that their consumer target audience wanted to escape into the mysterious escape room world as much as they wanted to be up to the challenge of getting out the room itself. And it was at this point, that we hit upon the strapline of ‘Escape from the everyday to the extraordinary’.

Everybody has something in their everyday life they want to escape from for a bit – endless ‘to do’ lists, the commute or school run, chores around the house.

See how our ‘Escape from the everyday’ campaign for The Escapologist reached over 160,000 people in 7 weeks.

B2B marketing – a quick recap

start with what you know crowdfunding for business york

We believe that three is the magic number when it comes to B2B marketing because it’s all about working out who the end customer is in the B2B2? equation.

We also love three because it’s an easy number to work with and remember.

In each of our Marketing Nuggets blogs, we look at three things you can do and this nugget can be boiled down to just three words:

  1. Demographics – start with what you know
  2. Love – ask what motivates
  3. Insight – keep digging deeper

If you’re looking for help with your B2B marketing and want to know more about how you can meet the needs of your B2B clients by fully understanding their end customers, please just give us a shout. We can have a chat over a coffee underneath the space rocket in our office.

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